Born: 6 januari 1980, Zaandam
Lives and works in Rotterdam



2006-2008    Piet Zwart Institute, Rotterdam, Fine Art (MA)
1999-2004    Hogeschool voor de Kunsten Utrecht, Fine Art (BA)


2012        AIR Berlin Alexanderplatz, Mondriaanfonds
2011        AIR Nykarleby
2009        Fonds Beeldende Kunst en Vormgeving, Startstipendium

Exhibitions and screenings

2013        Side Effects, Estonian Museum for Contemporary Art,
                Tallinn, Estonia (coming up, opening June 22) 
                Oren en Ogen, Studio Trenkel, Rotterdam 
                (coming up may 17, 18 and 19)
                Form as we know it, Sub Urban Video Lounge, Rotterdam

2012        1, 3, 5, etc..., GRO Gallery, Jakobstad, Finland
                Porous Concrete, Motorenhalle, Dresden, Germany
                VIP3, Gallery of fine art, Slovenj Gradec, Slovenie 
                Porous Concrete, Urban Video Lounge, Rotterdam

2011        10 jaar SYB, P/////AKT, Amsterdam                  
                Porous Concrete, Cinema OKO, Praag                 
                Don't come if you care, Het Wilde Weten (Sils), Rotterdam 
                Also here a red line is painted on the wall, HEDAH, 
                And what about video..., Galerie Hommes, Rotterdam
2010        Long, long weekend, Guided tours, performance with 
                ADA Rotterdam, TENT Rotterdam
                Milano mon Amour, Weissfaktor, Berlijn
                Video in Progress 3: Fields of the Performative
                Visions from the future, International festival of sound 
                visions, Hiroshima Mon Amour, Torino, Italië
                Video in Progress 3: Fields of the Performative, Cultural 

                and Educational Centre, Vortex, Skopje, Macedonië
2009        Florida, ADA's Wintergarden, 't Gemaal, Rotterdam
                Video in Progress 3: Fields of the Performative
                Kino Siska, Ljubljana, Slovenie
                It hits my hair, Wolfart Projectspace, Rotterdam
                Impromptu Affairs, Dek-22, Rotterdam
2008        My travels with Barry, TENT, Rotterdam
                Kunstvlaai, Westerpark, de Gashouder, Amsterdam
                Notes of space, Gist Gallery, Amsterdam
2007        This is how it must feel to be there, Pakhuismeesteren, 
2005        Things Apart, Expodium, Utrecht
2004        Utrecht uitfeest, Kunstuitleen, Utrecht
                HKU Art festival 2004, Jaarbeurs, Utrecht


2013        Framing every loud muscle, live performance with
                Thomas Kortvelyessy, Studio Trenkel, Rotterdam
                (coming up may 17, 18 and 19)
                Form as we know it, artist talk and presentation, 
                Sub Urban Video Lounge, Rotterdam

2011        Residency at AIR Nykarleby, Svenska Konstskolans Vanner, 
                Nykarleby (FIN)
                Video screening en artist talk, VideoTime, 
                Galerie Hommes, Rotterdam
                Also here a red line is painted on the wall
                Residency Lieke Snellen at HEDAH
2010        Bunkers, performance with Jan Freekenhorst, TENT,
                Curating RAAMTE project, ADA Rotterdam
2009        Music for the plants, live performance, 't Gemaal, 
                Voorbij die warme zomer, residency, Kunsthuis SYB, 
                Artist talk, Open office for words, ADA Rotterdam
sinds        Co-founder and organiser ADA Rotterdam 
2008        (Area for Debate and Art)